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About us.

Your home is your pride. It is a beautiful haven you have created for your family. When you ring the doorbell, you know your family is safe inside. The door to your home reflects your identity. It deserves to be a work of art that mesmerizes guests. Transform your doors, with precisionfab. We blend artistic metal craft with precision engineering to build stunning designer safety doors. It’s sheer poetry in steel.

Let’s reimagine your home as a masterpiece. Bring alive the patterns of sunlight pouring through the ornate canopy you dreamed of. Recreate a Romeo-Juliet moment in a magical balustraded balcony. Look out at the world through a stunning window grill that earns admiring glances. We conjure up all of this and much more, with metal. It looks as incredibly beautiful as it sounds! Experience the art of life, with precisionfab.

We specialize in cnc laser-cut designs and offer a wide spectrum of architectural metal fabrication solutions – from single and double grill safety doors to staircase railings, balcony balustrades, window grills, privacy screen panels, wall decor, and  more. Give a makeover to your home’s main door or add grand architectural touches to your villa! Live in a masterpiece.

Our story.

Thanks for stopping by precisionfab. Our journey started when I had to shop around for an artistic safety door in Chennai to bring utmost safety and elegance to my home main door. I couldn't quite get what I need - incorporate artistic elements to a safety door, equip the door with  biometric locks, and add a fly mesh so that I can enjoy evening breeze without worrying about mosquitoes and insects getting inside my home.

I realized, I am not alone. There are countless other home owners like you and me who are not really excited about the safety grill door they have and they wish for someone who can really understand the needs and fabricate a safety door that not only brings more safety but also provides an artistic appeal to their home entrance.

I thought long and hard. I already have an engineering background and have manufactured industrial machinery. Why couldn't create something on my own. So, I formed a small team of expert fabricators and built prototypes following the timeless engineering design principles. After a year, with initial success and encouragement, I came up with precisionfab. with an unwavering zeal to craft masterpieces that are a blend of world-class safety elements and a vibrant artistic appeal.



Over a period of time, we morphed into an architectural metal fabrication house making all the metal craftwork required for an independent home or an apartment. Our goal is to transform your home into an exquisite and unique signature. Our custom-fabricated metalwork provide unmatched state-of-the-art safety features and at the same time provide an exquisite appeal. 

Your time is precious. The complete purchasing process is seamless and digitally enabled with our company taking care of end-to-end journey*, right from helping you finalize designs to shipping and installation, leaving you worry free. Our products come as a final product, fully spray painted, and readily installable.* We are committed to the quality you deserve and our pricing plans are transparent and flexible with no surprises.

Looking forward to working with you



CEO - precisionfab.

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