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Designer safety doors

Introducing the next generation of steel safety doors, a fascinating blend of avant-garde design and fine craftsmanship. The exquisite design and finish of our door will take your home from ordinary to extraordinary! Both durable and reliable we take special care to create safety doors that match your décor, taste, and budget.​

Precision Safety Doors, precisionfab's flagship product line, provides an identity for your home that you are proud of. Our doors provide unmatched state-of-the-art safety features and at the same time provide an exquisite appeal. We provide an option to exchange and upgrade your existing safety grill gate/door with our artistic safety doors.

door frame material. mild steel (ms) structural tube

designs. laser-cut ms or ss sheet

coating. putty with paint coat (enamel or polyurethane) / powder coat

  1. Vast repository of designs

  2. Exclusive design consultation

  3. Mortise locks from Godrej and Yale

  4. Smart locks from Godrej, Yale, Samsung, Schlage

  5. Doors integrated with SS mosquito mesh

  6. Underside door brush

  7. European-made ball-bearing bullet hinges

  8. 3-stage enamel spray painting (single/multi-colour)

  9. 5-stage polyurethane spray coat (single/multi-colour)

  10. Designer tower bolts

  11. Elegant Door latch

  12. Integration with home automation

  13. Designer back-panels

  14. Removal and replacement of existing grill door*

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